Art’s the Journey, not just the Destination

We talked with Lauren Koch and Kristin Patrick, two UWG art students who were previously featured in our Helwig Gallery, about their philosophies of art. We love their insight on what inspires them and hope it brings you a sense of empowerment in your own creations.


Kristin Patrick

  1. What inspires you the most? Inspiration is dependent my level of open mindedness. Everything has the potential to be inspiring: the patterns on a tree, the way a person on a bench is sitting, an incredible work from art history, or even just the fun of arts and crafts. It’s when I try to limit my inspiration that I run into trouble. If I tell myself I can only by inspired by things that will make interesting art or fulfill project requirements, I begin to second guess myself. And suddenly I have no inspiration at all. As an artist I may have responsibilities that shape and direct what I’m focusing on, but I, nor anyone else, should ever allow my creativity to be limited.
  2. What would you tell someone who says they aren’t creative or is scared to try? And I believe that this is why many people feel scared or uncreative, because they have placed limits on their creativity. Whether you feel it’s a waste of your time to nurture and acknowledge your creative thoughts, or you have been told that you are no good, having that creative spirit alive inside is of phenomenal importance. Skill is not a qualifier for creativity. If something brings you joy, you should pursue that thing on whatever level you are able. If this means drawing on computer paper with crayons, more’s the better. Some of my favorite gifts that I have ever received are of this variety. To do something simply because you enjoy doing it is a marvelous thing.
  3. If you could describe what art means to you in 3 words what would they be? Freedom. Joy. Exploration.

Lauren G. Koch

  1. What inspires you the most? The world around me and everyday experiences drive me to create which had become a form of language for me that is in many ways simpler than the spoken or written word. I have so many ideas for artwork, song lyrics, and questions running in my head constantly that I literally carry a small pocket notebook and pen with me all the time. I believe I would die if I ever stopped creating because I get so bored if I am not working on a project. The only time I really take a break is when I’m asleep and even then at times I have awesome dreams that inspire artwork.
  2. What would you tell someone who says they aren’t creative or is scared to try? Just do it!!! There is no such thing as CAN’T. It is true that some things are easier to pursue. Some people are definitely born with individual talents but that is nothing hard work and a burning desire to do something can not overcome. If you want it, do it… where there is a will there is a way!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Failure is a real thing!!! But it is important to the learning process and you learn from your mistakes making it even better the next go round. Being able to identify problems and work through them so they direct your future creations is highly important. That being said it is also important to strive for accuracy and craftsmanship.
  3. If you could describe what art means to you in 3 words what would they be? Passion, Emotion, Life

Accuracy and craftsmanship may begin to surface as a goal, but just your initial energy is a beautiful thing. Honor your efforts, enjoy the process, and have fun with it!

Current Helwig Gallery artist:
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