Earth Park

EARTH Park is a SCRAP Bin program supported by the community

SCRAP Bin’s EARTH Park will have community-designed mosaic stepping stones, rock sculptures (hooligan-proof!), park benches and picnic tables (hoping to have at least one be ADA compliant) among the native plants and natural rock installations. Questions? Contact Lisa Matheson, Executive Director, 770-835-5899 or

Click for larger image Concept by Alan Kuykendall

This spring 2016, look for SCRAP Bin to break ground for EARTH Park, a new way to connect with our community! EARTH Park will feature beautiful stone sculptures among native Georgia plants and rocks in a tranquil setting and will be located next to the Carrollton GreenBelt right at the SCRAP Bin parking lot.

EARTH Park will be a collaboration among SCRAP Bin’s government, nonprofit and business partners as well as individuals in the community.

We hope that EARTH Park will serve as not only a place where those enjoying the GreenBelt can take a peaceful break but also a place where teachers can educate students about native plants and rocks, artists can create and families can picnic.

We need your help to accomplish this goal.

SCRAP Bin is going to have a series of small fundraisers to support the development of EARTH Park and arts & crafts programs, like Art in the Park.

SCRAP Bin Carrollton mosaic step stone workshop for EARTH Park

Click for a larger image / printable PDF

Similar to brick campaigns you’ve seen where you donate funds to have your name embossed on a brick for a university or hospital, these special mosaic step stones will be a part of the pathway through EARTH Park and enjoyed by visitors year round.



If you’d like to volunteer on the EARTH Park committee to support PR, planting, creating the rock sculptures, fundraising, we’d love to have your help!  Please contact Tamekia Davis, SCRAP Bin Creative Reuse Coordinator, at

Thank you to John Sammon and Brian Sammon for letting SCRAP Bin use the plot of land to create EARTH Park!

SCRAP Bin is 100% supported by our community. Our operating budget is funded in part by grants from the Community Foundation of West Georgia, the Alice Huffard Richards Foundation and other contributions by civic groups and individuals. The remainder of our operating budget is funded by community donated arts & crafts materials that are sold in our retail shop for a low cost.

Thank you to the Plum Creek Foundation and Southwire for sponsoring Earth Park.