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IMG_0175With recent cutbacks to state-funded educational programs, many teachers are responsible for buying some of their own supplies for their students and classroom. SCRAP Bin is here to help. In addition to providing free materials to teachers, we also provide the following resources and programs:

Lesson plans

Our website contains links to lesson plans that focus both on environmental issues and creative reuse.

SCRAP Bin will also have sample lesson plans at the center.

We encourage teachers to send us their successful lesson plans that provide guidelines on creative reuse of recycled materials. If you would like to submit a lesson plan, please email us. Label the link or lesson plan attachment with age category (PreSchool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Adults, All Ages), subject area, and a descriptive title that would indicate theme or the main idea. (Examples: Elementary: Sock Puppets; Adults: Memory Mosaics; All Ages: Rain Water Barrels.)

Environmental education resource links

SCRAP Bin is dedicated to preserving our environment through encouraging creative reuse of recycled products and education. We have included the following links for teachers, their students, and others who are interested in the environment. Most sites include a variety of topic options to explore such as landfill waste management, renewable energy, water conservation, and tips on how to dispose of hazardous materials, to name just a few. Teachers are encouraged to also review the science links in the “Lesson Plan” section of this web page.

Keep Carroll Beautiful

Keep Georgia Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful

Science for a Changing World (USGS): The Norman Landfill Environmental Research Site – What Happens to Waste in Landfills?

Natural Resources Defense Council, Reference Links for Kids

Earth 911

The Habitable Planet

Environmental Protection Agency Newsroom

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

National Center for Environmental Research (EPA)

Health and Environmental Research (EPA)

Energy and Environmental Research Center The International Center for Applied Energy Technology (EERC)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Green Museum: Artists and Exhibitions

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