Materials List

Here are some donating tips and, below them, a list of the materials we are currently accepting.

SCRAP Bin Carrollton GA Dos and Don'tsDo:

  • Call ahead before donating, as we may not be accepting certain items, especially for large quantities, basic recyclables (egg cartons, etc.) and holiday items
  • Make sure all items are clean, in working condition and ready to organize by our staff and volunteers
  • Make sure no private information is left in the donations


  • Leave donations outside or drop off donations when we are closed
  • Drop off items from our Not Accepting List – these may get thrown away (If in doubt, give us a shout!)
  • Drop off broken, dried out or non-working items – some exceptions apply (ask staff for more information)
  • Donate items that are dirty, smelly or sticky (If you don’t feel comfortable using it as is, then our staff and customers probably won’t either)

Materials We Accept In Good Condition

  • Items for working with clay (air-dry, for the kiln and slipcast)
  • Painting, stamping and drawing materials (markers, ink, sketchpads, acrylic paints, pencils, etc.)
  • Glass sheets, tiles, mirrors and glass containers (vases, etc.)
  • Xacto knives and blades
  • Scrapbook, construction, notebook, copy (white or colored) paper
  • Items for scrapbooking & stickers
  • Art & craft magazines & books
  • Fabric, yarn, thread, ribbon, trim, lace (minus tiny scraps and tangled)
  • Costume accessories
  • Gardening/floral items
  • Working sewing machines, dye and notions (sewing needles, safety and straight pens, etc.)
  • Crochet hooks, latch hooks, knitting needles, cross-stitching, embroidery and other needlework materials
  • Interesting craft/party supply tidbits – wooden craft items, pop tabs, corks, scrabble pieces, typewriter buttons, glitter, seashells, plastic game pieces, dice, trophies, etc.
  • Hot glue guns, glue and other adhesives
  • Office items (staplers, file folders, eraser boards, etc.)
  • Educational books and items – relevant for current topics
  • Old tools, metal utensils and interesting pieces (broken metal tools are acceptable)
  • Small hardware – wire, screws, nails, bolts, hinges, chain, rope etc.
  • Wooden chairs, cabinet doors, shutters and small tables/table tops (for art purposes and painting)
  • Drawer pulls, door knobs, etc.
  • Framing & photography items