Prospective Artists

Helwig Gallery SCRAP Bin Creative Reuse Center Carrollton, GA artists

The Helwig Gallery at SCRAP Bin is currently accepting submissions for 2015.  Interested artists should complete the form below.

Our Process

Once your submission is received, it will be reviewed by a committee.  If selected to show your work, you will be offered one or two schedule options.  Not all artists will be offered a show.  If the artist cannot show his or her work during the offered time(s), then the artist has the option of choosing a slot in the upcoming year on a first come, first served basis.

Our commission is 30% and artists receive 70%.  If a credit card is used to purchase the artist’s work, the credit card processing fee will be subtracted from the gross prior to the commission being calculated.  Taxes are also subtracted before the commission split as SCRAP Bin has tax liability for the full purchase price. Artists will be paid within seven (7) days of the close of their show by check.

Artists are required to provide a detailed inventory list with prices of artwork before the opening of their show.

It is important to remember that the Helwig Gallery is located at SCRAP Bin.  While we appreciate all artists and their work, we respectfully ask that work submitted for consideration be appropriate for art lovers of all ages.  Artists who specialize in creative reuse or repurposing materials are encouraged to apply.

Request Portfolio Review

Please note:  If you don’t have an online portfolio, you may submit up to 10 images of your work to after completing this form, noting in the Email Message field that your images are on their way.